Here you will find videos that support instruction in critical thinking.

Critical Thinking Org YouTube Channel - "Discourse on critical thinking for teachers and educators in all grade levels and in all societies. This channel contains video footage, interviews and clips from the Foundation for Critical Thinking on topics ranging from Critical Thinking and Educational Reform, Ethical Reasoning, Socratic Questioning, Oxford Tutorial Method, Analysis and Assessment of Thinking... etc. to their applications across and within all professional fields and domains of thought."

Widener University - Evaluate Web Pages Tutorial - This flash presentation provides a step by step method for the analysis of websites. It walks the viewer through web sites, looking at ways to check for accuracy, authority, objectivity, and currency. The presentation includes an analysis of the Martin Luther King site:, comparing it to an authoritative site for Dr. King.

Critical Literacy Lessons:
Finding the Big Ideas in Images
Critical Reading/Thinking with Nonfiction Text
Reading with the Writer in Mind
Inferring Tone in Message

Critical Literacy/Learning Habits-Lessons and Conversations
Teaching Curiosity
Discovering Patterns
Seven Power Thinking Strategies for Critical Learning